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Who We Are


Our Name: The Arc of Change

The Arc of Change is a type of narrative plot which represents a hero’s journey from who they are to who they are becoming. The spirit of our name is captured by Martin Luther King Jr's quote: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” It is symbolic of the transformational journey we embark on as we practice authentic leadership and become united communities that enable a more just society. We believe we write our own history as we choose to lead and enable others to do the same. Join us to Ignite the Arc.

Who We Are

We are a community of visionary leaders comprised of organizers, activists, educators and artists. We come from diverse backgrounds, are united by shared values, and believe in amplifying the voice of marginalized communities for collective action.


The Arc of Change was born of a desire to inspire a world in which we collectively embody our shared humanity.


In my years of leading trainings around the world, I’ve been consistently inspired by the indomitable strength, resilience, courage, and compassion in people’s hearts. I’ve learned our capacity to achieve change is limitless when we stand united. As someone who has experienced the challenges of growing up with a single parent in communities affected by structural racism, poverty, and violence, I feel called to share that which I’ve had the opportunity to learn — and to continue learning alongside others committed to doing meaningful work for justice.


I’m Dominican-American, raised in Boston, Honolulu and Indianapolis. Growing up, I was a happy kid fond of running fast and superheroes.

Abel Cano

Miya Cain

Anna Maria Melachrinou

Michael Alli

Andrea Ornelas

Anjali Rodrigues


Sarah ElRaheb

Kai Mateo

VyVy Trinh

Stephanie Aines

Jessica Perlo

What We Do


Leadership Workshops

The Arc of Change is a Boston-based training initiative focused on harnessing the power of community organizing practices as a transformative craft for leadership and social impact.

Our trainings are based on proven frameworks originally developed by Professor Marshall Ganz at Harvard University in collaboration with a global community of changemakers. We create brave learning spaces to harness the power of both head and heart, and teach through experiential learning using a powerful 4-step pedagogy. We intentionally engage local and global communities to build meaningful relationships and campaigns to achieve real world change.

What We Believe



The Arc of Change envisions a world in which organizers, activists, educators and artists are empowered through transformational leadership practices to build agency and organize collective action as a community of authentic changemakers.

We aim to uplift the voice of marginalized communities, promote a global consciousness of our shared humanity, and equip changemakers with transformational skills to meaningfully shift unjust power dynamics in the world.

Theory Of Change

We believe people are the source of our power. We achieve meaningful change by investing deeply in the leadership development of individuals and teams within universities, nonprofit organizations, and campaigns. Our aim is to empower an intersectional community of activists to enable collective action for social change.

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